Nice tune to kidnap your Cruiser

donderdag 10 oktober 2013 | 20:08 | Link


Even though the summer is over... awesome tune! Surfs up! (too much?)




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Majid Jordan works in the Afterhours

zondag 1 september 2013 | 20:08 | Link


Hate it or love it but Torronto is a place that brings us a lot of great musicians. Who? Well what about The Weeknd, Deadmau5, Melanie Fiona and Drake, just to name a few. And Drake is the one who went out to put today's artists from Torronto in the spotlight. After releasing a couple of songs things really hit it off when they were featured on Drake's 'Hold On We're going Home' (link).


But who are these guys? Majid Jordan is a combination of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. Both from Toronto. Fast forward to today Majid released a nice EP called After Hours. A production that impresses. Its sound is relaxing and R&B'ish but produced with a dazzling electro vibe that hints to James Blake-esque productions (ie. with Patience) or reminds of the dreamy Gold Panda or more up tempo Digitalism. Anyhow. Give the EP a go and be sure to check out Tea & Coffee, too.




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Look Out for Tessela

maandag 22 juli 2013 | 17:05 | Link


And now for something completely different: UK House/Techno! I first learned about this fellow a while ago when I was listening to a dj mix and this one nice tune hit me. So I looked up the tune and it turned out to be no other then Tessela doing a remix of Die Roh - Look Out. Really nice and summer'ish.



After doing some digging I've learned that this dj is actually 23 year old, West Country based Ed Russell, and is mostly know for his track 'Hackney Parrot' that brings back memmories of the old skool hardcore. It is also the first track he released on his own label 'Poly Kicks'. It was released together with Helter Skelter on March 18th, 2013.



So check this guy out and let us know how you feel about his nice sounds :)



Bonus: nice 30 minute mix done for BBC Radio 1 (Monki Guest Mix):



Aardvark - Nubian
Pearson Sound - Crimson (Beat Ritual Remix)
Alex Coulton - Too Much Talk (Tessela Remix)
Tessela - Helter Skelter
Head High - Burning (Keep Calm Mix)
Smart Systems - The Tingler (Mingler Mix)
Joey Beltram - My Sound
Sonic Experience 2 - The Phuture Is Now (Pressure Mix)
Robert Hood - Needles
Tessela - Drum beat
Pangaea - Viaduct



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The Kite String Tangles you into summer mode

woensdag 17 juli 2013 | 15:03 | Link


Meet artist and producer Danny Harley aka “The Kite String Tangle”. He lives all the way over at Brisbane, Australia and started an experimental solo project of alternative electronic music: “The Kite String Tangle”.


Inspired by Mount Kimbie (we like!) but also by Active Child, and Fever Ray he delivers music that is both nice to listen to as well as a bit elusive and nostalgic. Being in his home he locks himself indoors and starts creating. The result? Awesome music! We also had this Jamie Woon rendevous, which is definitly a compliment from us to Danny!


Well enough chit-chat, let's get to the music part! The guy released a cool new track called 'Given The Chance' which is likely to feature on his new EP that will probably be released later this year. It catches a great number of styles and mixes it with a catchy tune. Listen to it here:




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Natalia Kills your sadness, saves your Saturday Night

woensdag 3 juli 2013 | 12:12 | Link


Think RIhanna, a bit of Lady Gaga-ish looks, a pinch of Sia/Lana Del Rey vocal and some Kanye West swagger you might get something that starts to resemble Natalia Noemi Keery-Fisher aka Natalia Kills.

Kills was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire where she attended Bradford Girls’ Grammar School. She is the daughter of an Afro-Jamaican father and Uruguayan mother. But her mixed cultural background doesn't stop there. She also had relatives in Florida which she visited resgulary, resulting in a mixed American and English accent. After high school she studied classical drama at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


She released her debut album, Perfectionist, in 2011. And last year Kills unveiled the video for "Controversy" to start promotion of her second studio album, "Trouble", which is scheduled for release in 2013. This tune is, apart from very likeable, her second single of this album. Enjoy!


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It's alright to leave your shit with the Naive New Beaters

zaterdag 29 juni 2013 | 18:06 | Link


The 'Naïve New Beaters' is a music formation from Paris, France. They make music that blends hiphop, rock and electro house. They describe it as follows: "Crunchy & syncopated rythms meet a pecullar "hip pop" flavoured voice surrounded by wailing flashy guitars, all this in respect to the famous californian laid back attitude. It's all about a dream of RZA flirting with Rod Stewart, Alf spinning the place with Paul Van Dyk and a juicy AC/DC burger". The group was formed in 2005 and got some buzz in 2007 with the music video for their first single "BANG BANG". Now they are back with a new tune called Shit Happens again having a very funny videoclip.


Got curious? get your clickin' on:



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