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So here's the deal, we are totally crazy about this dude called Frank Ocean. It's nearly impossible for him to put out stuff that we are not liking. And yes, of course we've been listening to his latest Pyramids track over and over!

But you know how these things go; we don't like waiting on new stuff (Channel Orange out 17th of July) from good old Frank. So luckely once something gains populairity it is likely to be covered sooner or later. Obviously one is better then the other but hey; thats where we come in to play! So we'd like to share with you our selection of exceptional Frank Ocean covers.. here we go!

First off is Indiana - Swim Good.

Ed Sheeran:

Joyride - Novacane:

JoiStaRR - Thinking Bout You

Last but not least: Faith SFX ft. Black The Ripper - Swim Good (Nas, Dr. Dre & Frank Ocean Medley):

There you have it, we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

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