Joe Goddard - weekend mix

vrijdag 22 juni 2012 | 17:05 | Link


Well this surely is not going be the average Joe you'll be listening to in a minute, it's Joe Goddard! Who? Well you might have heard from Hot Chip who he has been working with before. But he's going steady with his solo carreer for a while now as well, And it should not come as a surprise we like it! Happy crazyness with a slight pinch of seriousness is what he's offering. A good example of this is the single Gabriel ft. Valentina. It was released months ago, but we still like it. And yeah the track iss omewhat weird but oh so sweet at the same time.

And because the weekend just started we also toss in a nice 1hr mix. Click to get your kicks:


Genre: | House | | Electro | | Liveset |




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