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Surely Netsky isn't exactly the newest pick from the music basket, let alone unknown to many, but the guy just released his album "2" and is booming and blasting his way to the upcomming festivals and parties. A good one to start your saturday night party with to we reckon.

But who is this fellow? Netsky is actually called Boris Daenen, is 23 years old and brings the best that drum 'n bass has to offer nowdays. He brings DnB only with a sound that is very close to Pop, a bit like the way Nero produces dubstep. The die hard DnB lover might be less pleased with this but for the more general public it's a pleasure to listen to. Anyhow, we start off with problably one of the coolest tracks from his album which is: Come Alive.

If you want to hear more we advice you to grab his album and to listen to this live performance from Netsky at Ancienne Belgique (26-05-2012)..And be sure to check him out at Lowlands festival, see you there!

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