Purity Ring - Shrines

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The Purity Ring duo that consists out of Megan James and Corin Roddick will release their album called Shrines on the 24th but we got our hands on an early sneak peak release so we thought we'd make a topic about it.

The music they produce is basicly electropop, however they add a very ghostley/spooky kind of vibe to it which makes it hard to put in just one genre box. So is this hipster music? We' re pretty sure it is! If we must compare it to another band/dj we'd name Clams Casino who we featured last year but is a little more hiphop-beat oriented. Sure Purity Ring has a little of that going on, but it's more subtile. But back to their new album Shrines. Overall we like the album although it is kind of what you expect if you are already following the band. So no surpises this is also because most of their music has been put out before in the download and mp3 channels. If you are not so familiar with the band, we got a short preview here for ya. Tune your ears to this:


Hier komt de mediaspeler

Their latest tune Crawlersout

Hier komt de mediaspeler

And as a bonus their classic weird video for Loftcries

Enjoy and don't forget to buy their album the 24th!

Website: http://purityringsongs.com/

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