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I have absolutely NO idea who the guy is behind the producername 'Zaika' (which by the way means 'Sense Of Taste')... but I honestly could not care less. After all it's the music we are after and not his name. And let me tell you, he performs excellent in the music department! Especially with the summer now officially having kicked in we could really use his chillstep vibes.

Chillstep you say? Yes, it's a bit of dubstep, ambient and electro mixed into the chillstep genre. Personally I find some of the tracks a bit like Phaelah and Clams Casino, which is an absolute compliment for Zaika. Especially considering he only started producing since november 2011. Let's keep 'n eye out for this producer, grab a drink and head back into the sun to chill on his vibes!

Love this track called 'R4UBB'

Oh and here's a neat remix he did on the (Swedish House Mafia) 'Leave The World Behind' track

And one last track for the road: Ray J - One Wish remix


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