Discovering the rough edged poet Jeffrey Foucault

zaterdag 28 juli 2012 | 11:11 | Link


While most of the time we introduce (relatively) new artists, today we'd like to point out the qualities of Jeffrey Foucault. This singer-songwriter debuted in 2001 with his album 'Miles from the Lightning'. While being around in the music scene for a while now, we only discovered him (by accident) this week and were striked with his performance straight away.

His music is best to be described as a blend of country/folk and blues delivering an honest and straightforward music experience. Compared to other artists we'd say there's a fair bit of David Grey going on, as well as a pinch of Eddie Vedder. His latest album 'Horse Latitudes' has been available since 2011 but do check out his other works as well.

This first track is called 'Heart To The Husk' from the mentioned album Horse Latitudes:

This second video features a portret of Jeffrey and a good number of tracks as well:




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