Forget about Mars, we've got Astronauts, etc.

woensdag 22 augustus 2012 | 22:10 | Link


One band we are great fans of is the band Foals. Their track Spanish Sahara really got to us. Finding a guy that sounds somewhat similar to Foals (but also a fair bit like Bon Iver) and gives us the goose bumps got us excited. He goes by the name of "Astronauts, Etc." but his real name is Anthony Ferraro and he's from Berkeley, USA.

Currently he's working on an EP that is set to be released on September 8th and will be titled "Supermelodic Pulp". His music will be accompanied with sci-fi video, but what else can you expect from Astronauts, etc.?! The first track that has been released is called "Mystery Colors". So sit back, relax and press play to hear it.


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