Daughter will bring us Smother

woensdag 29 augustus 2012 | 16:04 | Link


Lately we have been posting more acoustic music, and today we have another beautiful addition to the pack. This time we are blessed by the sounds of London based Daughter. This pack of three musketeers Igor Haefeli (guitar), Remi Aguilella (drums) and Elena Tonra is being kept together by the latter who does so with her touching voice. It all sounds very fragile and dreamy. It's a little bit like the XX only without the vibrant electo sounds.

Anyway, they have already released two EP's, their first was a demo that quickly got a lot of attention and their second EP 'The Wild Youth' told us they were here to stay. You can listen to it for free over at their bandcamp page (or after the break). Now they are working on new materials, first of which is set to be released the first of October. In the meantime they are touring around and they will perform at the 'Into The Great Wide Open Festival' in September and later at the 'Crossing Border Festival' in the Hague in november. They might play more concerts in the Netherlands so keep your eyes set to our concertagenda. Be sure to check them out!

Listen to their second EP:


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