Atlas Genius starts releasing Crown City Trojans

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Today we're taking you back to 2011, when Atlas Genius was busting out their first single. It kinda went past me and it took me till a couple of weeks ago to find out about the fellows from Australia. But now that I did, it's in my playlist. Atlas Genius is making very kind pop rock music with a laidback vibe. Last year they released their first single called Trojans but this year they released a track called Symptoms (love it) and another called Back Seat. Take a listen and enjoy!

So how did you like it? Nice aye?! Well if you're now officially into the almighty Atlas Genius we strongly advice you to jump on over to this link and grab their free Tour EP! Kindly supplied by the mates of Atlas Genius, how cool is that?! :)


1. The Pit (Live On Letterman) – Silversun Pickups
2. Trojans (Crown City Studios) – Atlas Genius
3. White Wind (FOR ONE ONE Live Session) – School Of Seven Bells
4. Stay Useless (Live at the Grog Shop) – Cloud Nothings

Bonus track: Symptoms

ATLAS GENIUS - Symptoms from Atlas Genius on Vimeo.




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