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A little while ago we had the chance to interview the fantastic blokes of Get Cubs. A nice British Indie/Rock band. They are working on releasing a brand spankin' new album (release date set on 15/11/2012) that's going to blow our minds. So before they take the world by storm it was nice to have a little chat with them. We asked them a few questions some of which serious, some close to insane. So sit tight, grab some snacks and read ahead. Oh and listen to their tunes to get in the mood!

First off; nice to have a chat with you and cool we can ask you lads a couple of questions.

  • So  please tell me who are the people behind ‘Get Cubs’ and where do you come from?

Hello we are Josh, Andy, Christian and Daryl.  And we hail from a small town called Burton-on-Trent in the Midlands, UK.

Now let’s talk more about the band.

  • Can you tell me about how you guys started out, what you do in ‘normal life’ and how you got to where you are now? I’m also hoping you can tell me more about the name; how it changed from Arts&Crafts to Get Cubs and who and why he/she came up with it?

Well the story to create our band was far too brief compared to some of the other stories you hear, the four of us have been friends for years.  Most of our conversations are music based and we always talked about joining a band for quite a while.  I guess the decision was made one night at a local bar to follow through with the idea.  We decided the next day to bring all our equipment and jam out some covers in Daryl’s bedroom, just to get a feel how well we would work together as a unit.  It worked out better than we expected so we started writing our own material and within a few months we played our first gig at a local venue called Café Zen!  The first performance is always the scariest, but we eventually progressed to bigger venues, out of town, in the cities, and popular venues such as the O2 academy in Birmingham!

Onto our other life outside the band, as I mentioned earlier we have been friends for years and I believe it is a huge benefit for being in a band, you need to enjoy what you’re doing, with the people you are working with.

"you need to enjoy what you’re doing, with the people you are working with"

In our second lives, Christian works in retail, Josh is a carer currently working in Norfolk, Daryl is a University student studying Art, and I (Andy) have just graduated from university with a business degree.

We get asked about the name change quite often.  We changed our name around the beginning of this year just before Plastic Parade was released I think.  The name Arts&Crafts came around because Josh and Daryl are quite good artists, and we thought the name would show our true colours.  But we eventually realized that Arts&Crafts is quite a widely used name, and being an underground band, you need to make yourself easy to find.  For example, have you ever typed something into Google and scrolled through pages trying to find the page you’re looking for? That’s the problem we were having…

So that’s the story behind the name change, I’m not sure the story behind the name Get Cubs, but all we know it solved our promotion issue haha!

So there you have it, Get Cubs was born! But all seriousness aside, we also have some personal questions which you can answer and, if you please to do so, can comment:

  • Rock, paper, scissors?  Scissors.  Who ever thought you could crush scissors with a rock? Food for thought…
  • What’s your definition for gross? Sick!  With a capital K!
  • Party, festival, concert? Festival. No matter how big or small.
  • Blue, red, yellow? Blue.  The colour of tranquility.
  • Sandwich, fries, fruit? Sandwich…the combinations are endless!
  • Always watch a movie with…? Ken Jeong…’WE HAD A SICK NIGHT BITCHES!’
  • Home town, the world, the universe? The universe! I want to see what Nicki Minaj’s home planet looks like.
  • CD, tape or vinyl? Personally CD, but I bet a lot of people would beg to differ…
  • Chaos, order, status quo?  Status Quo, I don’t like change…
  • The best thing that happened to you this week was…? Saw the new Expendables at the Cinema.  Christian said it was like injecting liquid cocaine into his p***s [sic] for two hours straight whilst taking the lords name in vain.

Now let’s talk music.

  • How would you describe your music (genre/style)? Are there any artists you would compare yourself to and what do you think sets you apart from those artists?
 "I want to see what Nicki Minaj’s home planet looks like" 

We are an indie/rock band with a happy vibe to our songs.  Our music has been compared to the Kooks, The Wombats and Little Comets.

  • I understand your debut album with Trap6 Records is currently in the works. Can you tell us anything about how it came together and how the process of writing the tracks developed?

When we were approached by Trap 6 I can honestly say that we didn’t have many tracks prepared for the album, so we have been writing them as we go along. It has been a difficult project because myself and Daryl have been at university and it is difficult to write tracks when you are not under the same roof.  But this summer we have been back on track and back in the studio recording as often as we can.  Everything is sounding spot on and we cannot wait for everyone to hear it!  We expect to have it all recorded within the next two weeks.

  • Once your album drops and we want to listen to it; can you tell us what setting is best for listening to your music and what (food/drink/other) is best consumed while listening to your music?

With any band releasing your first album is a very exciting time and we want to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.  Have a beer, take a seat, have a boogie? Whichever floats your boat really! Just make sure you’re in your happy place!

  • So you have your album coming up now, but what else can we expect of you in the (foreseeable) future?
"if we can get overseas that would be fantastic and it's something we have been dreaming of"

We hope to be gigging a lot in the foreseeable future, mostly around the UK but if we can get overseas that would be fantastic and it’s something we have been dreaming of.  We will still be writing in the meantime…maybe another album? Who knows haha!

  • And last but not least: we are all about new music, so what do you guys think should be our next musical discovery?

I have two incredible bands in my mind right now that we have played gigs with and made good friends with.  The first on my list would have to be ‘Black Wolf Catch’.  They are an amazing indie rock band with a new EP being released very soon and I’m really looking forward to that.

The second would have to be ‘Just James’.  An incredible electro group that needs to be discovered! They have a new song out called ‘Red light means go’, give it a listen!

Thanks guys, it was nice having you and hope to see you perform live soon!

That's it for the interview! Check these guys out and watch for their album comming out! Meanwhile enjoy this bonustrack:


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