Friday night party now boarding the Star Slinger

vrijdag 5 oktober 2012 | 23:11 | Link


This music tip we about to give you is an absolute no brainer. As Yoda would say it: Press play, you must. Soooo who is he? Oh he's only the bearded UK guy going by the alias of Star Slinger and putting out the dopest mixes of the moment! After masterminding remixes with tracks by the likes of Jessie Ware and another massive mix of Karma Kid (It's Always) he dropped another bomb yesterday: Little Dragon - Sunshine.

Well, did you like it? I bet you did so get your clicking on and press play ASAP! Here's a nice set of tracks to get you started:

I bet this makes you hungry for more, in that case be on the look out for his EP "Ladies In The Back" which will drop 26 november on Star Slinger’s own Jet Jam label. Whoohoo!


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