Dan Croll came back From Nowhere

zaterdag 13 oktober 2012 | 20:08 | Link


To post music we like we listen to loads and loads of tunes and when we like something we write it down. I use good old fancy Notepad to do so and I usualy leave it open. Well a couple of weeks ago my graphics card died and my computer shut down. You problably get where this is going; I lost all my notes. And so I forgot who I had on there but today I suddenly heard Dan Croll and I remember putting him somewhere on the list. So actually Dan came back From Nowhere, which is also the title of his first single. True story!

Anyhow, let's talk more about this Croll character and less failing computers. It's one of Liverpool talents that has popped up the radar that we tend to monitor. We think there is a little bit of Grizzly Bear influence there, but hey; in our opinion it just sounds nice. The track was supported by Fabian Prynn (Drums), Jethro Fox (Organ), John Stark (Bass) and Joe Wills (Guitar). Having said that; this tune caught on to me because of the somewhat lame (sorry, no harm intented!) but mostly fun oldskool keyboard intro/sample (and of course the overall sound that follows) which makes it a good tune. So, check it out for yourselves:


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