Like This If you want Artifakts to open for Pretty Lights

maandag 12 november 2012 | 20:08 | Link


Honestly, I forgot how these Artifakts dudes popped up on my radar. I believe they send me a message somewhere and I checked it out, but I forgot the details. Then for a while, it was just laying there untill a week ago I decided to give them a go. And man, did I like it. So what's the story here? These fellows from the states started out somewhere in February 2012. First it was just Garret and later William Thompson jumped on the bandwagon as well. So there you have it, that's how they started their legacy. So what is it these guys have to bring to the table? Well they mash old hiphop beats with current electronic vibes. Basicly they go all new-age Shaft on us. And we don't mind at all. Really. We don't. In fact we dig it. It reminded us of Pretty Lights (with his awsome track Finally Moving). They made a sweet mixtape so you should listen to it for yourselves. Oh and while you're at it: vote for them to open Pretty Lights (it's a USA thingy, but still):

As a bonus we toss in their EP 'Like This If':


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