To the M|O|O|N and back

zaterdag 1 december 2012 | 18:06 | Link


It's time for some cool deep electronic music brought to life by Stephen Gilarde aka M|O|O|N. This Boston (USA) based DJ released an amazing EP called MOON in november 2011 which was also used in the cool 8-bit game Miami Hotline. The genre is a bit deep house, electronic, disco'ish but it's rather hard to pinpoint exactly. Not late after, in januari 2012, this fellow released a remix album followed by another in september 2012 called Particles which broadens his discography and is a very proper followup. Best thing of it all is that you can download all these tunes (MOON | Particles | Remixes) for free over at Bandcamp. However, in case you do decide to bust out some cash for it, you are also supporting a charity which helps cancer patients. How cool is that?!

Anyhow get your groove on and press play: Moon EP

Here you go with Particles in case you didn't get enough of it: Particles EP


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