They come in PEACE, sort of

zaterdag 15 december 2012 | 19:07 | Link


It's that time, that moment where you are confronted with 'the hippie people'. Often confused with hipster people but that is simply not the same. Main difference is hippies are aiming for one big and higher goal: Peace! And as it happends, that's the name of today's band!

It's a UK band formed by guys going by the name of Dominic, Douglas, Harrison and Samuel. And yeah they are going full frontal for Peace but the they do it with a dark'ish vibe, but still sounding very fresh. This all is very visual in their clip 'Wraith' which takes scene in a nightclub/stripper joint. The band describe it as "Music To Fuck You In The Hearth". Anyhow, it's their new single that will drop officially on the 13th of januari, but is already out for some time now on the web. Seeing is believing:


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