The Kite String Tangles you into summer mode

woensdag 17 juli 2013 | 15:03 | Link


Meet artist and producer Danny Harley aka “The Kite String Tangle”. He lives all the way over at Brisbane, Australia and started an experimental solo project of alternative electronic music: “The Kite String Tangle”.


Inspired by Mount Kimbie (we like!) but also by Active Child, and Fever Ray he delivers music that is both nice to listen to as well as a bit elusive and nostalgic. Being in his home he locks himself indoors and starts creating. The result? Awesome music! We also had this Jamie Woon rendevous, which is definitly a compliment from us to Danny!


Well enough chit-chat, let's get to the music part! The guy released a cool new track called 'Given The Chance' which is likely to feature on his new EP that will probably be released later this year. It catches a great number of styles and mixes it with a catchy tune. Listen to it here:




Genre: | Ambiant | | Electronic | | Pop |




22 juli 2013

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