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And now for something completely different: UK House/Techno! I first learned about this fellow a while ago when I was listening to a dj mix and this one nice tune hit me. So I looked up the tune and it turned out to be no other then Tessela doing a remix of Die Roh - Look Out. Really nice and summer'ish.



After doing some digging I've learned that this dj is actually 23 year old, West Country based Ed Russell, and is mostly know for his track 'Hackney Parrot' that brings back memmories of the old skool hardcore. It is also the first track he released on his own label 'Poly Kicks'. It was released together with Helter Skelter on March 18th, 2013.



So check this guy out and let us know how you feel about his nice sounds :)



Bonus: nice 30 minute mix done for BBC Radio 1 (Monki Guest Mix):



Aardvark - Nubian
Pearson Sound - Crimson (Beat Ritual Remix)
Alex Coulton - Too Much Talk (Tessela Remix)
Tessela - Helter Skelter
Head High - Burning (Keep Calm Mix)
Smart Systems - The Tingler (Mingler Mix)
Joey Beltram - My Sound
Sonic Experience 2 - The Phuture Is Now (Pressure Mix)
Robert Hood - Needles
Tessela - Drum beat
Pangaea - Viaduct





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22 juli 2013

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