Nacey ties a knot in your ear

maandag 24 juni 2013 | 12:12 | Link


So here we are back again with a nice remix, this time by the hands of Baltimore (USA) DJ/Producer Nacey! After The Zolas released this nice tune called Knot In My Hearth about 7 months ago it somehow ended up with Nacey who then picked up this tune and made it into a damn nice remix. It all sounds very dreamy which makes it all the more likeable. Give it a go!






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They come in PEACE, sort of

zaterdag 15 december 2012 | 19:07 | Link


It's that time, that moment where you are confronted with 'the hippie people'. Often confused with hipster people but that is simply not the same. Main difference is hippies are aiming for one big and higher goal: Peace! And as it happends, that's the name of today's band!

It's a UK band formed by guys going by the name of Dominic, Douglas, Harrison and Samuel. And yeah they are going full frontal for Peace but the they do it with a dark'ish vibe, but still sounding very fresh. This all is very visual in their clip 'Wraith' which takes scene in a nightclub/stripper joint. The band describe it as "Music To Fuck You In The Hearth". Anyhow, it's their new single that will drop officially on the 13th of januari, but is already out for some time now on the web. Seeing is believing:


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To the M|O|O|N and back

zaterdag 1 december 2012 | 18:06 | Link


It's time for some cool deep electronic music brought to life by Stephen Gilarde aka M|O|O|N. This Boston (USA) based DJ released an amazing EP called MOON in november 2011 which was also used in the cool 8-bit game Miami Hotline. The genre is a bit deep house, electronic, disco'ish but it's rather hard to pinpoint exactly. Not late after, in januari 2012, this fellow released a remix album followed by another in september 2012 called Particles which broadens his discography and is a very proper followup. Best thing of it all is that you can download all these tunes (MOON | Particles | Remixes) for free over at Bandcamp. However, in case you do decide to bust out some cash for it, you are also supporting a charity which helps cancer patients. How cool is that?!

Anyhow get your groove on and press play: Moon EP

Here you go with Particles in case you didn't get enough of it: Particles EP


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Wild Cub makes the winter feel summer'ish

maandag 26 november 2012 | 14:02 | Link


Keegan DeWitt, who is supported by Jeremy Bullock, serves a solid dish of intriging mellow electro pop going by the name of Wild Cub. Although the word mellow on it's own doesn't really cover their actual music because a good number of their songs are rather uplifting and energetic. In fact I had a toned down Yeasayer feeling when I heard a couple of songs but then again, that's just me. The best you can do now is just decide for yourself and check it out. Give them a go with this small playlist or watch one of their nice video's.

Bonus video: Jonti.



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Like This If you want Artifakts to open for Pretty Lights

maandag 12 november 2012 | 20:08 | Link


Honestly, I forgot how these Artifakts dudes popped up on my radar. I believe they send me a message somewhere and I checked it out, but I forgot the details. Then for a while, it was just laying there untill a week ago I decided to give them a go. And man, did I like it. So what's the story here? These fellows from the states started out somewhere in February 2012. First it was just Garret and later William Thompson jumped on the bandwagon as well. So there you have it, that's how they started their legacy. So what is it these guys have to bring to the table? Well they mash old hiphop beats with current electronic vibes. Basicly they go all new-age Shaft on us. And we don't mind at all. Really. We don't. In fact we dig it. It reminded us of Pretty Lights (with his awsome track Finally Moving). They made a sweet mixtape so you should listen to it for yourselves. Oh and while you're at it: vote for them to open Pretty Lights (it's a USA thingy, but still):

As a bonus we toss in their EP 'Like This If':


Vote here

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Tom Odell Can't Pretend, he just is that good

zondag 4 november 2012 | 19:07 | Link


Photo by Cameron Alexander

This week we write about Tom. Tom Odell to be exact. This lad is originally from Chichester but now enjoys the London life and a nice record deal. His sound is a fair bit like Coldplay with a blend of Muse and Train. Being among these names, we consider Tom to be a force reckoned with in the upcomming period of time. So go ahead listen and enjoy the beauty he brings upon us with his EP 'Songs From Another Love', this is 'Can't Pretend':

Bonus track: 'Another Love'


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