Let's start the riot with Jetta

vrijdag 19 oktober 2012 | 22:10 | Link


Looking at Jetta you might be wondering what the deal is here. Well we've been wondering about this exact question even after hearing her for a couple of times. The best possible answer we could come up with is: a genetic mutation combining DNA-strings of both soulful Adele and pop'ish Leona Lewis. So what's the story of this wonderful DNA-mix? Well she's from Liverpool which is problably more then enough info. Meanwhile the competition is fierce 'cus she's having people like Emili Sandé looking over her shoulder. But at the end of the day, if she can come up with more diamonds like 'Start A Riot' we're confident she'll turn out just fine. Go get 'm Jetta!

Bonus track: Can You Hear Me Now (demo)



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Dan Croll came back From Nowhere

zaterdag 13 oktober 2012 | 20:08 | Link


To post music we like we listen to loads and loads of tunes and when we like something we write it down. I use good old fancy Notepad to do so and I usualy leave it open. Well a couple of weeks ago my graphics card died and my computer shut down. You problably get where this is going; I lost all my notes. And so I forgot who I had on there but today I suddenly heard Dan Croll and I remember putting him somewhere on the list. So actually Dan came back From Nowhere, which is also the title of his first single. True story!

Anyhow, let's talk more about this Croll character and less failing computers. It's one of Liverpool talents that has popped up the radar that we tend to monitor. We think there is a little bit of Grizzly Bear influence there, but hey; in our opinion it just sounds nice. The track was supported by Fabian Prynn (Drums), Jethro Fox (Organ), John Stark (Bass) and Joe Wills (Guitar). Having said that; this tune caught on to me because of the somewhat lame (sorry, no harm intented!) but mostly fun oldskool keyboard intro/sample (and of course the overall sound that follows) which makes it a good tune. So, check it out for yourselves:


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Friday night party now boarding the Star Slinger

vrijdag 5 oktober 2012 | 23:11 | Link


This music tip we about to give you is an absolute no brainer. As Yoda would say it: Press play, you must. Soooo who is he? Oh he's only the bearded UK guy going by the alias of Star Slinger and putting out the dopest mixes of the moment! After masterminding remixes with tracks by the likes of Jessie Ware and another massive mix of Karma Kid (It's Always) he dropped another bomb yesterday: Little Dragon - Sunshine.

Well, did you like it? I bet you did so get your clicking on and press play ASAP! Here's a nice set of tracks to get you started:

I bet this makes you hungry for more, in that case be on the look out for his EP "Ladies In The Back" which will drop 26 november on Star Slinger’s own Jet Jam label. Whoohoo!



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Atlas Genius starts releasing Crown City Trojans

zaterdag 29 september 2012 | 13:01 | Link


Today we're taking you back to 2011, when Atlas Genius was busting out their first single. It kinda went past me and it took me till a couple of weeks ago to find out about the fellows from Australia. But now that I did, it's in my playlist. Atlas Genius is making very kind pop rock music with a laidback vibe. Last year they released their first single called Trojans but this year they released a track called Symptoms (love it) and another called Back Seat. Take a listen and enjoy!

So how did you like it? Nice aye?! Well if you're now officially into the almighty Atlas Genius we strongly advice you to jump on over to this link and grab their free Tour EP! Kindly supplied by the mates of Atlas Genius, how cool is that?! :)


1. The Pit (Live On Letterman) – Silversun Pickups
2. Trojans (Crown City Studios) – Atlas Genius
3. White Wind (FOR ONE ONE Live Session) – School Of Seven Bells
4. Stay Useless (Live at the Grog Shop) – Cloud Nothings

Bonus track: Symptoms

ATLAS GENIUS - Symptoms from Atlas Genius on Vimeo.




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We're not even into religion but we like CHVRCHES

zondag 23 september 2012 | 15:03 | Link


Yeah yeah yeah, this one is sweet like pineapple! It's CHURCHES or actually CHVRCHES doing what they do best; make fancy music! The trio from Glasgow have shared two tracks on the interwebs so far and we dig it. Badly. After their energic track called Lies they released a more laid back track called The Mother We Share and will officially be out november 5th. Go get it!

The mother we share:




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The best tune you'll hear TNGHT

vrijdag 14 september 2012 | 18:06 | Link


Picture taken at TNGHT's gig on Lockdown Festival, Amsterdam

The duo TNGHT is formed by Hudson Mohawke (UK) and Lunice (CA) and they are smoking hot at the moment. Why? Because they released one of the most promissing EP's of 2012 in it's genre. And judging by the audience feedback they got at the Lockdown Festival in Amsterdam they are rocking it big time. TNGHT was really gunning for it and the crowd was going bezerk. Having said that, you might want to give their EP a go (press play below) but we suggest you start off with their phat tune 'Higher Ground'. We're sure you will like it and it'll kick off your weekend in a very good way.

Here's the rest of the EP:




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