Trails and Ways release 2012's summer anthem

donderdag 2 augustus 2012 | 21:09 | Link


Well well well, what do we have here? It's a 4 piece band from Oakland called 'Trails and Ways' and they bring us a tune called 'Mtn Tune'. And what a tune this is. Surely even to the winter lovers this must feel like summer when you put it on. We think it's a bit comparable to Vampire Weekend as well as Of Monsters and Men Listen to it right here:



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Discovering the rough edged poet Jeffrey Foucault

zaterdag 28 juli 2012 | 11:11 | Link


While most of the time we introduce (relatively) new artists, today we'd like to point out the qualities of Jeffrey Foucault. This singer-songwriter debuted in 2001 with his album 'Miles from the Lightning'. While being around in the music scene for a while now, we only discovered him (by accident) this week and were striked with his performance straight away.

His music is best to be described as a blend of country/folk and blues delivering an honest and straightforward music experience. Compared to other artists we'd say there's a fair bit of David Grey going on, as well as a pinch of Eddie Vedder. His latest album 'Horse Latitudes' has been available since 2011 but do check out his other works as well.

This first track is called 'Heart To The Husk' from the mentioned album Horse Latitudes:

This second video features a portret of Jeffrey and a good number of tracks as well:




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dinsdag 24 juli 2012 | 20:08 | Link


I have absolutely NO idea who the guy is behind the producername 'Zaika' (which by the way means 'Sense Of Taste')... but I honestly could not care less. After all it's the music we are after and not his name. And let me tell you, he performs excellent in the music department! Especially with the summer now officially having kicked in we could really use his chillstep vibes.

Chillstep you say? Yes, it's a bit of dubstep, ambient and electro mixed into the chillstep genre. Personally I find some of the tracks a bit like Phaelah and Clams Casino, which is an absolute compliment for Zaika. Especially considering he only started producing since november 2011. Let's keep 'n eye out for this producer, grab a drink and head back into the sun to chill on his vibes!

Love this track called 'R4UBB'

Oh and here's a neat remix he did on the (Swedish House Mafia) 'Leave The World Behind' track

And one last track for the road: Ray J - One Wish remix


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Purity Ring - Shrines

donderdag 19 juli 2012 | 14:02 | Link


The Purity Ring duo that consists out of Megan James and Corin Roddick will release their album called Shrines on the 24th but we got our hands on an early sneak peak release so we thought we'd make a topic about it.

The music they produce is basicly electropop, however they add a very ghostley/spooky kind of vibe to it which makes it hard to put in just one genre box. So is this hipster music? We' re pretty sure it is! If we must compare it to another band/dj we'd name Clams Casino who we featured last year but is a little more hiphop-beat oriented. Sure Purity Ring has a little of that going on, but it's more subtile. But back to their new album Shrines. Overall we like the album although it is kind of what you expect if you are already following the band. So no surpises this is also because most of their music has been put out before in the download and mp3 channels. If you are not so familiar with the band, we got a short preview here for ya. Tune your ears to this:


Hier komt de mediaspeler

Their latest tune Crawlersout

Hier komt de mediaspeler

And as a bonus their classic weird video for Loftcries

Enjoy and don't forget to buy their album the 24th!


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zaterdag 14 juli 2012 | 20:08 | Link


Surely Netsky isn't exactly the newest pick from the music basket, let alone unknown to many, but the guy just released his album "2" and is booming and blasting his way to the upcomming festivals and parties. A good one to start your saturday night party with to we reckon.

But who is this fellow? Netsky is actually called Boris Daenen, is 23 years old and brings the best that drum 'n bass has to offer nowdays. He brings DnB only with a sound that is very close to Pop, a bit like the way Nero produces dubstep. The die hard DnB lover might be less pleased with this but for the more general public it's a pleasure to listen to. Anyhow, we start off with problably one of the coolest tracks from his album which is: Come Alive.

If you want to hear more we advice you to grab his album and to listen to this live performance from Netsky at Ancienne Belgique (26-05-2012)..And be sure to check him out at Lowlands festival, see you there!

Hier komt de mediaspeler



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vrijdag 6 juli 2012 | 09:09 | Link


Sometimes you come across one of those tunes that sounds very nice but is absolutely ridiculous. Boston based MVSCLES did just that by releasing their sunny track 'Sweet 'n Sour'. They put together a Pop-genre track that sounds dreamy and futuristic. So yeah, basically it's another one of those awkward tracks. And most of the people that I put to listen to this track didn't know what to make of it after hearing it but they pressed the replay button none the less. Maybe it's the funny "Whoooo Whoooo", maybe it's the female vocal or maybe it's just us, but we think this might grow to something big. Thumbs up if you like, but press play any way:

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