Jessie Ware

dinsdag 3 juli 2012 | 19:07 | Link


Today we put singer-songwriter Jessie Ware' in the limelight. Before she was helping out SKTRKT out and featured on one of our favorite tracks called 'Right Thing To Do' but now she's going for it on her own. About 9 months ago she dropped the single 'Strangest Feeling' and things kinda took off for her in a big way.

Four months after she dropped the first tune of her debut album called 'Running' which sounds a fair bit like Alicia Keys in our opion. The second tune is called '110%' and will also be featured on her debut album 'Devotion' which is set to be released on the 20th of August.

And last but not least she released a good old classic from Bobby Caldwell called "What You Won't Do for Love" which has a very soulfull R&B vibe on it.


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Langhorne Slim and The Law

dinsdag 26 juni 2012 | 22:10 | Link


In case any of you were wondering if we were ever going to post some good old indie music again: let this post be your answer! And you are in for a treat too! Today we are offering music by the name of Langhorne Slim and his band The Law. The music is a bit weird but the single that caught our ear The Way We Move is notthing short of striking. While sounding a bit rock-n-roll, country, soul and folk at the same time it shifts within those genres and kicks in a smile while you are at it. Yes, yes, you WILL like this sound! Well good for you and press play once again for both Langhorne Slim & The Law are demanding it!

And as a bonus, here's his new CD "The Way We Move" that was released the 5th of June up for streaming grabs:


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Joe Goddard - weekend mix

vrijdag 22 juni 2012 | 17:05 | Link


Well this surely is not going be the average Joe you'll be listening to in a minute, it's Joe Goddard! Who? Well you might have heard from Hot Chip who he has been working with before. But he's going steady with his solo carreer for a while now as well, And it should not come as a surprise we like it! Happy crazyness with a slight pinch of seriousness is what he's offering. A good example of this is the single Gabriel ft. Valentina. It was released months ago, but we still like it. And yeah the track iss omewhat weird but oh so sweet at the same time.

And because the weekend just started we also toss in a nice 1hr mix. Click to get your kicks:


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Best Frank Ocean covers out there

donderdag 21 juni 2012 | 23:11 | Link


So here's the deal, we are totally crazy about this dude called Frank Ocean. It's nearly impossible for him to put out stuff that we are not liking. And yes, of course we've been listening to his latest Pyramids track over and over!

But you know how these things go; we don't like waiting on new stuff (Channel Orange out 17th of July) from good old Frank. So luckely once something gains populairity it is likely to be covered sooner or later. Obviously one is better then the other but hey; thats where we come in to play! So we'd like to share with you our selection of exceptional Frank Ocean covers.. here we go!

First off is Indiana - Swim Good.

Ed Sheeran:


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zaterdag 16 juni 2012 | 01:01 | Link


Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda go by the dj-name of Nguzunguzu. These guys where already tipped to us by Brenmar a while ago, but we figure the time has come to give them their own article. And the timing could not have been any better given that on one hand the weekend just started and we could all use some nice weekend vibes but on the other they are about to release their EP 'Warm Pulse'. It will be out July 3rd on the Hippos in Tanks label. Listen to their preview here:

But we know that just one tune just won't be cutting it for getting through the weekend so we toss in the big 25 minute mix-guns: Nguzunguzu Euro tour promo minimix. Download over here or just press play below. Enjoy:

Hier komt de mediaspeler


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The Lighthouse and the Whaler - Pioneers

vrijdag 8 juni 2012 | 18:06 | Link


Vandaag weer eens de aandacht voor een Amerikaans bandje uit Cleveland, Ohio onder de naam The Lighthouse and the Whaler.

De naam van de band komt uit het boek Moby Dick van Herman Melville. Daar wordt in een stuk geschreven dat de walvisjager (the Whaler) houdt van de plaats Nantucket wat door de vuurtoren (the Lighthouse) wordt gesymboliseerd, maar dat ze tegelijk graag Moby Dick achterna gaan. Deze tweestrijd vonden ze zo krachtig dat ze besloten het te gebruiken in hun naam: The Lighthouse and the Whaler.

Maargoed, de naam staat voor de personen en de personen zijn Aaron Smith and Michael LoPresti. Zij zijn de band begonnen en hebben de eerste muziek uitgebracht. Mark Poro, Steve Diaz, Matthew LoPresti zijn daarna aangehaakt. Ze zijn dus nu met z'n vijven al een tijdje lekker bezig en in september komt er een album uit waar ze nu ook druk mee bezig zijn. In de tussentijd kunnen we nog even genieten van de Pioneers EP.

Qua muziek klinkt het een beetje als The Bombay Bicycle Club, maar dan ietsjes meer op de rem. Lekker geluidje dus luister hier naar: Pioneers

Bonus nummer: Burst Apart


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